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The Builders Database is the most comprehensive online database for robots and their builders. Now you can keep all of your team's information in one comprehensive database. Organizations can list their events and have competitors easily register online.

To get started...
Create a New Team, then enter your team's robots and builders into the My Team Section. When you want to register for an event, visit the Events section. There you can see upcoming and past events, register for upcoming events, and view your current registration status.

See who's registered...

Destruction Under the Stars 2019

Pomona, CA - 7/27/2019
58 Robots Registered

Robot Riot Summer 2019

Miami, FL - 8/3/2019
9 Robots Registered

Combat Robotics @ the Ohio State Fair

Columbus, OH - 8/3/2019
18 Robots Registered

Robot Rebellion 3.2

Dallas, TX - 8/4/2019
36 Robots Registered

Central Illinois Bot Brawl 2019

Peoria, IL - 8/10/2019
48 Robots Registered

HBB 2019

Hickory, NC - 8/16/2019
79 Robots Registered

CROK at Maker Faire Tulsa

Tulsa, OK - 8/24/2019
5 Robots Registered

Rumble In The North

Saint Albans, VT - 9/14/2019
4 Robots Registered

R&F Robot Fight 2019

Wilkes-Barre, PA - 9/14/2019
14 Robots Registered

MORF Showdown at the Expo II

Joplin, MO - 10/26/2019
8 Robots Registered

Battle Beach LITE Jamboree 2019

Kissimmee, FL - 12/7/2019
23 Robots Registered

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